Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) So Important (And How To Do It Right) 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest evolving marketing areas out there, it is also the one that tends to be often misunderstood. Back when it started, SEO used to be a collection of methods aiming at making a website to be easier to find and understand for search crawlers. It quickly evolved […]

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Nofollowing Links in 2021 and Beyond: What SEOs Should Know

“Nofollow” has long been one of the most broadly discussed SEO topics. It is also one that is causing the most contradictions in our industry. As the name suggests, “nofollowing” means directing a search engine to not follow a link. But why do we need links if they should not be followed? Let’s try to […]

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Three Ways to Build Links That Won’t Cause Any Trouble with Google

How is your current link building strategy working for you? I bet it’s not performing that well, is it? In fact, I haven’t seen a business owner or a blogger who isn’t desperate to find a better, more effective link acquisition method. It is that hard. Here’s a strategy which would help you to up […]

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The 5 Google Signals you need to know for Effective Search Engine Rankings

We all want to be top of the pops when it comes to search engine rankings, especially when it comes to hitting the big time on Google. That’s the kind of spotlight we’d all like to own, but with it comes hard work and well-rounded knowledge on how to get there in the first place. […]

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Online Retail to e-Commerce Powerhouse

The way that customers consume and shop for products has shifted further away from bricks-and-mortar stores and into the digital space over the last decade. In early 2020, even before coronavirus, we saw online competition and lack of foot traffic force the closure of stores around Australia from brands including Harris Scarf, EB Games, Jeanswest […]

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Our COVID Commitment

Digital Eagles are here for you during COVID-19 We know the times are tough right now; we’re all feeling the pressure and burden of an uncertain world. The ‘normality’ we used to know has shifted and Australians are constantly trying to shuffle their lives around to find where the new balance sits. In Victoria, this is even more […]

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